The Build Up

Bring your personalized chair to the table

It is commonly reported that the average person has between 50K-70K thoughts per day. With our current obligations (family/work/personal goals/etc), it's safe to say that these daily thoughts rotate around some of these topics. We make judgments about ourselves and our goals through social comparison….which is common, but understanding your personal strengths and weaknesses can be the difference between success & failure.

An example of one of those many thoughts can be something similar to the following…"I want to get fit like Big Rob, but he is in the gym 6 days a week...I can’t do that with my current schedule" or "Lauren was able to write and publish her book and now it’s a best seller….I want to do the same, but I don’t have the funds to pay for publishing like she did…I’ll just wait”.

Everyone has different strengths which allows them to bring something different to the table and accomplish goals at a different rate. For instance, you may not have the time to put in the gym like Big Rob, but you may be very well disciplined and can dedicate yourself to a healthy meal plan and an “at home” fitness routine that works for your schedule (we recommend incorporating our Justice Culture Speed Ropes to your regiment). You may not have the funds like Lauren, but you are very charismatic, you are great at negotiating, and have the ability to form meaningful relationships. You could utilize these strengths to network with those in your desired field, find business partners and possible grants, or negotiate the cost of publishing your book.

Not everyone will be able to move at the same pace because we all are different, but the key is to identify what specific skills you possess and accomplish your goals by using those. When you truly have found your strengths, it becomes easier to “Magnetize Your Greatness”